23 Sep 2012

Betsy's Blossoms Accordian Card

Hi There. Here's just a quick post before I go away on Holidays tomorrow for one week!! - Yay!!

Here's another Betsy's Blossoms card. As I've said before, I have had so much fun with this bundle. And one of my favourite things is the Betsy's Blossoms Wheel - I've used it on the right hand side of this card & I also used it to make wrapping paper (sorry, no photo!).

On my last post, Nola asked do I have any secrets to cutting images out, so I thought I'd share them with you all. Thank you for your question Nola :)

Cutting Tips and longevity of your Scissors:

1. Try turning your image as you cut.

2. Use scissors with fine points and blades approx. 4 to5cm long. I use Stampin' Up!'s Paper Snips which get you right into tight spots and corners and are also light and glide easily and smoothly.

3. I only use my paper snips on my paper/card stock projects. Other materials such as textiles - material, ribbons etc., and Cereal and Frozen Peas Packets will blunt them!

4. I don't mind sharing things but I don't share my Paper Snips! I keep them preserved for longevity this way.

I make cards every day for Card Classes I hold regularly, Stampin' Up! Parties and because I sell them each week at our local market, so my scissors get a good work out pretty much every day and they are still just as sharp as when I first bought them 18 months ago! Look after your scissors and they will last you a long time. :)

O.Kay, I have to go now and get a little bit more organised for my holiday!!

I hope you all have a great week and I'll post next week when I've returned from my holiday.

Thank you for stopping by! :) Angeliki :)

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